22 Jan 2012

Devil's Food Cake (and a bit of chocolate cake history)

I always have a favourite chocolate cake recipe of the moment. Years ago it was Nigellas cloud cake, then it was her chocolate fudge cake, I have also worked my way through her wonderfully titled “chocolate cake hall of fame” from the book Feast and the chocolate chapter in How to be a domestic goddess. The quadruple chocolate loaf cake is probably one of my favourites from Feast. I made the torta alla giandua or nutella cake for my husband birthday earlier in the year as he loves the chocolate-hazelnut combo (you cannot leave him unattended with a jar of nutella, ok I admit I'm not so great left to my own devices with a jar either...). It was nice but I found it a bit too dark and rich.Here is a pic:

Nutella cake
Anyway the favourite this year has been the Devils food cake from Kitchen.  I have made it loads of times. It’s super easy to  make and I don’t have to go and buy any special ingredients like fresh cream or sour cream as I would have to for the other cakes mentioned above. It’s a super soft cake with a very gooey icing, I mean what’s not to like? The first time I made it I found it too dark so I used 200g milk chocolate and 100g milk chocolate for the icing the next time I made it-I still found that quite dark so now I use 200g milk choc and 100g dark choc for the icing. You can find the recipe here.

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