12 Mar 2015

No bake cookies and cream pops

These are super easy and fun to make. Definitely something you can make with children! And everyone that has had them really enjoyed them.(Oreos happen to be my older sons favourite biscuit).  I have made them a few times-once for my sons end of year at nursery. For that I ordered some little bags and ties online (lollipop sticks also bought online), it was such satisfying work putting them in the bags and tying the ties.:) The cardboard cakepop holder is the Wilton brand one bought from Jhon Lewis and I really wouldn't recommend it - It didn't assemble or hold the pops very well. I stuck to a very simple decoration but of course you could go to town with faces and all sorts especially as they are so easy to make. Also if making during a heatwave the cream cheese will go very soft so best to keep half the mixture in the fridge while you do the first lot of pops. I found dipping the pops didn't really cover them in chocolate and so used a teaspoon to help with the covering.   Recipe is below-enjoy! 

Recipe from Lorraine Pascals Fast, Fresh and Easy Food

2 X 150 g packs of Oreo biscuits
150g cream cheese

Coating: 200g white chocolate
2 tsp of sprinkles/decorations  

Equipment: Large baking tray, 18-20 15cm lollipop sticks

1. Line a baking tray that will fit inside your fridge or freezer with parchment paper
2. Blitz the Oreos in a food processor until they are fine crumbs, then add cream cheese and whiz until mixture starts to form a ball.
3. With cold hands roll the mixture into 18-20 balls about 3 cm in diameter and lace on the lined baking tray
4.put in fridge for 30 mins or freezer for 15 mins to firm up
5. Melt the chocolate either in ban marie or in the microwave. I would recommend the Ban Marie for the white chocolate.
6.Dip the end of a lollipop stick into the white chocolate and then push i into a ball so that it goes in 2/3rds of the way in-so 1/2 cms. lay the balls back on the tray with stick points upwards as you go.
7. Dip the balls in the melted chocolate swirling and letting excess drip off or you could use a teaspoon to help spread it on...then dip into the decoration or put the decoration on with hands...
stand upright in a cake pop stand or small jars...return to freezer for 10 mins.

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