24 Nov 2011

Chocolate Roulade

This delicious roulade is Mary Berry’s recipe from the Great British Bake Off that I have mentioned before. The chocolate roulade had been a technical challenge for the contestants in the series. At the end of the series they showed Mary Berry making it. I was watapping a friend as I watched and she was watching too and suggested I make this the next time they were over and the next weekend I had the opportunity to make it for her and a few other friends…..

Now mine looks nothing like Mary’s neatly rolled one. I was in a rush and didn’t follow the instructions as closely as I should have and forgot to use the paper when I was rolling it up-so I used just my hands and it promptly broke. I also forgot to add the cocoa powder (I know! I am still blaming any forgetfulness on having baby brain-I’m not sure how long I’m allowed to carry on using that excuse!) BUT it still tasted it great and I thought even the cracked appearance looked charming in a cracked homespun kind-of-way. I really liked it as it was but some smooth chocolate sauce made from a bit of cream and chocolate and sugar would be great and/or some berries or cooked cherries. The rush I made it in means there’s only a few pics taken with my iphone and none at the cooking stages.

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