16 Aug 2011

Easy peasy banana butterscotch muffins

These no whisk muffins are from Nigella Express, but they are not just great for those very pressed for time or energy. I still make them now 8 months into new motherhood….many a time when my baby was a few months old I would take butter out to soften and then not have the energy to bake so I ended up turning to recipes like this one to get my baking fix as they require no prior planning. It needs no butter and you are likely to have all the other ingredients on hand. The butterscotch chips are particularly good in them as they turn into sticky soft caramel which is great with the already soft mounds that are these muffins, but you add any chocolate you have lying around chopped up too. They are golden and high topped and gorgeous smelling when they come out of the oven…there is a high effort to taste ratio basically….the recipe is featured on Nigellas' website

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